Labels give you and your team the ability to organize content with specific keywords. Unlike Smart Tags, labels are applied by you and your team to call out the qualitative aspects of your content and other information specific to your creative process.

Any label you add becomes instantly searchable in your workspace for any member of the team. With labels, you control the power of the search bar: the more labels you add, the more searchable your workspace becomes!

Here are just a few examples of how teams use labels on Air:

  • adding labels like "Selects", "In Review" and "Approved" to manage the creative process and communicate content permissions to the team
  • labeling by country, city or venue location to create a digital map of the workspace
  • curating photoshoot content with descriptors like "high-res", "low light" and "portrait"

Adding Labels

To add labels to one asset or file, open the player window and select the Edit option next your Labels metadata. Enter as many labels as you'd like and select the Save button to confirm.

To add labels to multiple assets and files at once:

  1. Select the checkmark on any asset or file from Gallery View
  2. Hold the Shift key while selecting other assets to multiselect the content you'd like to label
  3. Select the Label option from the dropdown menu and choose from existig labels or start typing to create a new one

With your whole team collaborating in the workspace, mistakes are bound to happen. Any label can be edited, merged or deleted using the label manager on your Home page. Learn more about managing labels here.

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