I don't have Air Plus or Pro. Can I still download and use the Air Lift app?

Yes, you can still use the app on Air's free plan. Member and storage limits still apply as usual.

What happens if my watched folder contains multiple folders inside it?

Any sub-folders will be mapped to sub-boards in Air, with the same names! Your organizational structure within your local folder will be maintained.

Can I create multiple watch folder connections in Air Lift?

Yes, you can create as many watch folder connections as you want.

Can I connect the same folder to separate boards in the same workspace? In different workspaces?

A local folder can only be part of one watch folder connection at a time. You can create watch folder connections in different workspaces from the same computer, but Air Lift will only actively track changes from the workspace to which you are currently logged in.

If I delete a file in a watch folder, does it get deleted from Air?

No, we don't delete any content from Air based on your deletions locally.

If I move, rename, or delete watched items on Air, are those changes reflected locally?

No, Air Lift only provides one-way syncing (from your computer to Air). Any changes made on Air in the browser by you or a team member won't affect any of the files on your computer.

What constitutes a "change" to a file in a watch folder?

Any time you save a file, that counts as a change. Renaming a file or moving it will also be detected by the app. When you delete a file locally (or move it out of the watch folder), Air will no longer track changes to that file, but it won't automatically be deleted from Air.

My files aren't syncing the way I expect... what's going on?

Files will sync automatically when you first create a watch folder connection. After that, you need to tell the app when to push changes up to Air. Open the app and make sure that no errors or alerts are waiting for your attention.

Can I choose any folder on my computer to be a watch folder?

Yes, although it is not best practice to choose a folder that is already being synced with different software (an iCloud drive, for example) as changes might be made in that folder that are outside your control.

Does Air Lift work on Windows?

Right now, we are only offering a Mac-compatible app. If you or your team operates on Windows, let us know!

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