Love Air and want to share it with others? Air offers a referral program for subscriptions that were purchased with a direct referral from existing customers. We've made it simple for you to cash in – literally – on spreading the word about Air!

Here's how it works: just copy your unique referral link in your Account Settings, and share it with your network. If someone signs up for a paid subscription using your link, you earn cash – 20% of their subscription total for an entire year! Air will send you any earned referral money on a quarterly basis directly to your bank. It’s that easy.

Start earning cash now - head to your Account Settings for your unique referral link.

Order of Attribution and Cookies

  • Within the first month of a new user clicking a referral link, the first referrer should have priority over any other that might be clicked by same user on that device.

  • After 30 days, the referred customer is cleared from storage (cookies) and new referral links can have an effect.

Please note that we currently are not able to display referral data to users and are looking to add more functionality in the future. For current Referral terms, please reach out to chat support below or email to learn more.

The Referral program is subject to our Terms of Service and acknowledgment of our Privacy Policy. Bidding on any variation of keywords or phrases that include our brand name, Air, is strictly prohibited, whether on search engines or other advertising platforms or sites. We payout only for new users/entities with new first-time workspaces created from your link. You may not refer yourself. Any attempts to game the system will result in disqualification from the program. We reserve the right to update the terms of this program at our sole discretion, with no prior notice.

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