Air for Slack helps teams stay connected and informed with real-time notifications about board activity. Turn on board notifications for Slack right from your Air workspace. Changes made to that board, like comments, uploads, and project statuses, will automatically sync with Slack and notify followers of that board.

With Air for Slack, important updates are visible immediately - eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth or toggling between applications.

Ready to turn on Slack notifications? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Navigate to the board in Air that you would like to receive notifications about.

  2. Select Connect to Slack from the ellipses menu next to the board name

  3. Authenticate your Slack workspace and select an existing Slack channel to push updates to:

Once the integration is configured, all board notifications will be sent to the selected Slack channel. You can follow as many boards as you like in one channel, or split them up for task delegation. Please note: sub-boards within a Slack-configured board will need their own configuration to receive notifications in a Slack channel.

You can access the Slack connection in the Edit modal of the board, where you can disconnect the channel:

Notifications include:

  • New uploads

  • New sub-board creations

  • Comments

  • Custom field changes

Please contact with any questions or issues.

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