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What limits are in place with Air for Zapier?
What limits are in place with Air for Zapier?
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Zapier will only return the latest 500 assets (by uploaded date) for a given trigger, e.g. if you set up a zap to trigger on assets tagged with "sync", and you had 1,000 assets tagged, only the 500 most recently uploaded of those assets will be processed by the zap. Because of this, Zapier is less suitable for large one-off actions, and more suitable for ongoing automation.

Air Integrations can be connected to your Zapier account. It allows you to automate your work across 6,000+ apps also built out in Zapier and connected to your tech stack.

Visit our app page to search apps to connect to Air. From this page you also get visibility to supported triggers and actions through Air Integrations.

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