Import FAQs
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How long do imports take?

Import and processing times vary depending on size and number of assets, but usually finish in a few minutes. If you notice unusually long upload or processing times, please reach out to support.

I imported the wrong stuff! Is there anything I can do?

Currently, imports are unable to be paused or canceled. However, closing the import window simply hides the dialog box rather than canceling the import. To delete any unwanted uploads, navigate to the Recently Added filter in the sidebar which displays assets in order of most recently uploaded. To delete multiple assets, use multi-select by selecting the first asset you wish to delete, scrolling to the last asset you wish to delete, and then using the Shift+Click combination to multi-select. You can then delete them simultaneously by using either the bar menu at the bottom of the screen or right-clicking and choosing “Delete assets from workspace”.

Is my content safe? Can anyone see my private assets?

Your privacy and security matter to us at Air. We take a number of steps to ensure your data is safe and secure. For more information about our security measures, please take a look at this article.

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