Searching for your content

Find exactly what you're looking for with powerful search and filter tools.

Hours of digging through folders and sharing email files are a thing of the past. Searching your Air Library gives you and your team the power to find exactly what you're looking for, right when you need it.

The Basics

Use the search bar to find content from across your entire workspace or within an individual board. You can search by keyword, tag, board names, filename, workspace member, and any other metadata associated with your images, videos, and files.

Searching your entire workspace

If you'd like to search across your entire workspace, head to the Library page or when searching a board remove the board title token in the search bar!

Searching in a board

When you search from within a board, we only return suggestions and search results that exist within the board you're searching on.

For example, you might want to see just the assets that have been approved for use by the creative team for social media and paid ad channels: to do this, you would search for the term "Approved" to return those assets within the board.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can hit command + p (mac) & ctrl + P (PC) from any page to activate the search bar

  • When searching, you can use the keywords AND, OR, and - (minus character) before any word to perform an intersection, union, or exclusion searches with multiple queries. NOTE: AND & OR in capital must be used between two words to function correctly.

  • Examples:

    • train AND car (only returns assets that have trains and cars in the metadata)

    • building OR tree (returns assets that have building or trees in the metadata)

    • train - people (only returns assets with trains and without people in the metadata)

  • Search context is now appended to your URL, so you can refresh your page, use the browser back/forward buttons, or even send links to coworkers without losing your search results

  • You can easily jump between searching a board vs. the entire workspace by removing the board title token from your search bar. (In the example below the first search only looks inside the "NYC" board; when the board title token is removed it searches the entire library)

Using filters

Filter by type (visual asset or non-visual file), import source, date, uploader, keywords, tags, and even color to refine your content further and find exactly what you're looking for! You can use filters in combination with your search or combine filter options together to improve search accuracy.

When you apply a filter to a board, you’ll only see results from that board; for results from your entire workspace, apply a filter to your Library. When you apply a filter to a set of search results, you are filtering only within those search results.




See all items that have been uploaded by "Beyonce Knowles"


Find only assets to exclude results that are non-visual files


See all items that have source "Dropbox"


Find assets that include the color "red"


Locate all assets and files that are tagged with Marketing


Find all assets that have extension "gif" OR "mp4"


View all assets or files that you have favorited

Custom fields (single-select and multi-select)

Find all items with "Status Approved" AND "Platform Instagram" OR "Twitter"

Has boards

See all items in your Library that are located in at least one board

*Note: This filter is only available in Library (not on boards)

Has open comments

See all items that have at least one open comment

Has multiple versions

Find all items that have more than 1 version in their stack

Date Created

Find all items that were created between "January 1, 2021" and "June 30, 2021"

Date Uploaded

Keep your results limited to items that were uploaded to Air in the last month

Date Modified

See all items that have been modified on Air in the last week

Stacking filters

  • Stacking filters: In general, when two filters of the same type are applied (for example, multi-selecting two Uploaders), the results will represent a union of items that have those two Uploaders (anything that has Uploader A OR Uploader B). When you apply two filters of different types (for example, filtering for “Type = asset” and “Color = red”), the results will represent an intersection (anything that has an asset type AND a red color).

  • Versions: If any version in a version stack matches the filter criteria, the entire stack will be included in the results

  • Public boards: Anyone can use filters on a public board. When creating a share link, you can set permissions to determine which specific filters are available.

    • For example, if a public board doesn’t have commenting enabled, the “has comments” filter will not be available

    • Internal, workspace-specific metadata like “Uploader” is never available for public board filtering

Fast filters

Don’t want to deal with the filter builder? Fast filters are perfect when you need to find a set of assets quickly. Fast filters live directly under the search bar in the Library, and on pages like Favorite items and Recently added. The fast filters will always include Tags and your workspace’s top 3 Custom Fields.

Coming soon: The ability to modify your default fast filters.

Filter pages

Filter pages live directly underneath Library in your navigation panel, for instant access to essential asset categories.

Filter pages include:

  • Favorite items: Any asset or file that you have favorited (starred) in the workspace

  • Recently added: Any asset or file that has been added to the workspace within the past month

  • Recently modified: Any asset or file in the workspace that has been modified within the past month

  • My uploads: Any asset or file that you have uploaded to the workspace

  • Unused items: Any asset or file that is not currently assigned to a board

  • Saved Filters: Customized dynamic filters created by an Admin

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