The Free plan on Air is a great place for individuals and small projects to begin. This subscription tier includes 25GB of storage, 3 member seats, the ability to import from Google Drive/Dropbox/Box, and PDF previews.

Out of space or ready to expand your team on Air? Check out our Air Plus plan, which comes with 200GB of storage and pay-per-seat pricing.

Want even more functionality and/or space? Along with 2TB of storage, gain access to helpful features such as guest invites, password-protected links, priority support, and a broader set of user roles and permissions, and more with our Air Pro plan.

Take a look at our User Permissions Matrix for a more in-depth visual of what members and guests can do!

If you're looking for additional storage combined with our Pro plan, you can add TBs to your subscription for $30/month or $25/month when signed up for an annual plan.

Please Note: After initial checkout, adding members, guests, and storage to your workspace is automatically calculated on your invoice and will reflect in combination with your bill for the upcoming month or year, depending on subscription type. The final cost of added paid seats of members and guests will be adjusted for the time before the billing period and prorated accordingly. Members and guests are billed as seats beginning on the date that they are invited to the workspace, and is not dependent on the acceptance of the invitation.

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