Custom Downloads

Custom downloads let you adjust the aspect ratio and size of an asset when you download. You also have the option to download the file in different formats. Whether you are a designer working with different resolutions or formats, a social media manager formatting for an Instagram post, or freelancer who wants to give their client a variety options, custom downloads give you total control over your asset deliverability.

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Changing Aspect Ratio

  • Use the width and height adjustment to fit the final location of your asset. Whether it's on your website, social account, or newsletter you can make sure the image fits its final location while you download.

Adding a Suffix

  • Use the suffix field to help differentiate your asset exports. Any text in the suffix field is added after the file name on download. For example, adding “Instagram” into the suffix field for a file named “cutecat.png” will create the file name “cutecatInstagram.png.”

Export Different File Formats

  • JPG - most common file used in the photography industry and great for highly detailed photographic images.

  • PNG - versatile file types that are ideal for digital art like logos and graphic designs.

  • WEBP - great for web developers who want efficient compression for images that live on the web.

CDN Link (Pro Subscriptions Only)

CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) allow for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. Quickly generate links to your Air assets customizing height, width, format, and size for any use case. Many users CDN links for their websites, Shopify pages, and more! You can generate CDN links from the asset modal's ellipses button, just to the right of the download options.

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  • Customize your CDN options and then copy the link to distribute that asset across the web.

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