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Approved Email Domains

Anyone with your .com can join automatically

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Adding an approved email domain

  • Navigate to the Setting and Members page in your workspace from the left nav panel

  • Click on the SETTINGS tab

  • Add the email domain you'd like to approve (Note: you don't need to include the @ symbol in your domain entry)

  • Teammates and collaborators with an approved email address domain will have the option to join your workspace with Editor permissions

Only verified workspace members with Admin permissions can approve an email domain to join the workspace. If you are an Admin but your account is not verified, check your email inbox for your verification email titled "Air - Confirm your email" or contact support at

Here's an example of how this might work

  • If Air wanted to allow anyone from our team to join as an editor, we would add our domain to the approved domain list ( Every teammate with an email (, for example) can join!

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