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Explore Saved Filters
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Who can view the Air workspace sidebar?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Supported on any Air plan

✏️ Anyone who has view access to a workspace

Saved filters help users automatically find and organize content across your workspace. Return to a specific search that you use often, or create a saved filter that can be used by your team during a project. Set it and forget it - no need to recreate a complex or specific filter combination every time. Saved filters automate and customize content organization for your entire workspace.

Saved filters can be edited within the saved filter page, or from the saved filters list in the sidebar. A saved filter can also be deleted or renamed from the ellipsis menu on the sidebar.

A saved filter is an auto-updating collection of items defined by certain characteristics - these can be by type, uploader, color, tags, extension, source, date, or any of your custom fields. As new items are added or changed in the workspace that matches those characteristics, they are automatically added to the saved filter, allowing you to instantly organize content.

From workspace sidebar

Clicking once on 'Saved filters' from the workspace sidebar shows any currently created saved filters in the workspace and an option to 'Create saved filter'.

From saved filter view

Workspace search

Within any saved filter view you are able to conduct a search of all workspace assets and files. The search field contains easy shortcuts to jump to any board as well.


Build out the filters for your new saved filter or add filters to any existing filter with ease as you would anywhere on Air. When a filter gets added in a saved filter view, you're also prompted to update the saved filter to apply the changes. Check the below chart for the filters that are available.




See all items that have been uploaded by "Beyonce Knowles"


Find only assets to exclude results that are non-visual files


See all items that have source "Dropbox"


Find assets that include the color "red"


Locate all assets and files that are tagged with Marketing


Find all assets that have extension "gif" OR "mp4"


View all assets or files that you have favorited

Custom fields (single-select and multi-select)

Find all items with "Status Approved" AND "Platform Instagram" OR "Twitter"

Has boards

See all items in your Library that are located in at least one board
*Note: This filter is only available in Library (not on boards)

Has open comments

See all items that have at least one open comment

Has multiple versions

Find all items that have more than 1 version in their stack

Date Created

Find all items that were created between "January 1, 2021" and "June 30, 2021"

Date Uploaded

Keep your results limited to items that were uploaded to Air in the last month

Date Modified

See all items that have been modified on Air in the last week

Saved filter emoji

Your saved filters get customized with emojis. The standard emoji keyboard is available for full use. Pick from dozens of options to make your saved filter unique and easily identifiable.

Saved filter title

The title of your saved filter can be easily viewed from within the saved filter view. Users with permissions can also modify the saved filter name directly from the title field.

Saved filter description

Much like board and asset descriptions, use your saved filter even more accessible. When you need to add more instruction and guidance for your team, this field is an awesome tool to make this happen. URLs included in the description are also instantly clickable allowing you to link to relevant spots on the web, in and outside of Air.

🔧 Sort

Toward the bottom right of any saved filter header will show the default, selected or saved sort. Air wants to help you collaborate with your team and keep up with the latest so you'll find the default sort for any board view set to 'Date Modified' (Descending). You'll have many options to pick from.

Sort order can be toggled between ascending and descending. Each view has a default sort by date modified descending and each view has its own set of sort options available:

Gallery View

Table View



File size

File size

Date created

Date created

Date modified

Date modified



Comment count

Comment count


Type (Asset or File)

Board count

Tag count

⚙️ Settings

Appearing next to the sort selection in the saved filter header, ⚙️ allows you to further finesse your saved filter's view. Customize the details shown with a click!

From gallery view

Thumbnails for assets and files in a saved filter view can include the following details:

  • Title / File name

  • File extension

  • File size

  • File resolution (assets only)

  • Custom fields (if enabled)

Asset thumbnails default to not showing asset details on the view thumbnails.

From table view

Table view can include the following details:

  • Title / File name

  • File size

  • Date created

  • Date modified

  • File resolution

  • File extension

  • Type

  • Board count

  • Tag count

  • Comment count

  • Custom fields (if enabled)

🪟 Views

How you view your content can be just as important as the content itself. Use the view toggle button to switch between Gallery and Table view. Gallery view is perfect for presenting content to teammates and partners, conducting brainstorms, or simply sparking spontaneous creativity. Table view allows you and your team to see important metadata like file extension, size, and resolution in a quick scroll format.

Gallery View: highly visual grid display– feels like scrolling through social media or looking at a mood board instead of digging through a file cabinet.

Table View: easily scrollable, detailed list of content with metadata front and center– distinguish between assets at a glance and view information side-by-side.

From 'All assets & files'

Applied filters in 'All assets & files' generates a simple shortcut to 'Save filter'. The create saved filter modal pops up giving you another easy way to find the exact content you need with a simple customization.

Use Cases

  • Work in progress asset version control

  • Light-weight assets grouping

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