Saved filters help users automatically find and organize content across your workspace. Return to a specific search that you use often, or create a saved filter that can be used by your team during a project. Set it and forget it - no need to recreate a complex or specific filter combination every time. Saved filters automate and customize content organization for your entire workspace.

Members of your workspace have access to the saved filters created by the admin - only admins have permission to edit and save filters to a workspace. Guests invited to the board will not be able to access the saved filters.

A saved filter is an auto-updating collection of items defined by certain characteristics - these can be by type, uploader, color, tags, extension, source, date, or any of your custom fields. As new items are added or changed in the workspace that match those characteristics, they are automatically added to the saved filter, allowing you to instantly organize content.

Create a saved filter from a current search setting - add filters to the search and save with a name, description, color, or emoji. Saved filters can be edited within the saved filter page, or from the saved filters list in the sidebar. A saved filter can also be deleted or renamed from the ellipsis menu on the sidebar.

Saved filters is in beta and will be available for all users by May 2022.

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