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Uninstalling Air Flow
Uninstalling Air Flow

Safely and completely remove Air's desktop app from your hard drive

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Protect your content from accidental deletion!

⏸️ Prior to proceeding with the steps to uninstall Air Flow, Air recommends that you make a duplicate of the Air folder for your previously synced workspace to retain a backup of content stored on your hard drive.

Here's how to completely remove Air Flow from your device:

  1. Quit Air Flow

    Right-click the Air extension icon from your menu bar and select 'Quit Air'

  2. Delete the folder named for your workspace in Air

    Move to bin or trash from your Finder window

  3. Restart Air Flow

    The app will alert you that it is unable to find the previously synced folder.

  4. Select 'Stop syncing', which will remove all data from database

  5. Select 'Continue'

  6. Select 'Turn off syncing'

  7. Right click the Air extension icon and select 'Quit Air' once more

  8. Trash the Air app as you would any unwanted Mac app

That’s it! You can now re-install Air Flow here.

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