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Air Flow is not working and I've tried everything
Air Flow is not working and I've tried everything

When Air Flow needs a hard reset - try these steps

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When you've attempted every troubleshoot in the book and Air Flow is still not quite working right, take the following steps:

  1. Quit Air

    The first step in resetting Air Flow is to quit the application. Once Air Flow is no longer running, changes you make on your computer cannot affect content in your workspace.

    To quit, right-click the Air icon in your Mac’s menu bar and select “Quit Air.”

    If Air Flow is frozen and won’t quit, you can use the “Activity Monitor” application to force quit instead.

    1. Open “Activity Monitor”

    2. Search for the word “Air”

    3. Select all the processes with Air’s logo

    4. Click the “X” button

    5. Select “Force Quit”

    This should quit Air Flow and remove it from your Mac’s menu bar.

  2. Move any local content out of the “Air” directory

    If you have any content that hasn’t been uploaded to Air, you’ll want to move it safely out of the “Air” directory and into another place on your computer. Once you’ve finished the reset, you can move the content back into your Air folder to resume uploading.

  3. Remove Air Flow completely from your device

    Next, we need to remove all traces of Air Flow from your device.

    1. Find the “Air” application in your “Applications” folder and move it to the Trash

    2. Find the root “Air” directory and move it to the Trash

    3. Open the “Terminal” application and execute the following two commands:

      rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/air-desktop (then hit “Enter”)

      rm -rf ~/Library/Group\ Containers/ (then hit “Enter”)

    4. Empty your Trash

  4. Reinstall Air Flow

    Now that Air Flow has been completely removed from your device, you can reinstall a fresh copy from the cloud.

    Visit to download the latest version.

  5. Re-sync your workspace, first without downloading anything

    Once you’ve reinstalled Air, you can go through the onboarding flow. When asked which boards you’d like to download for offline use, select “Skip for now.”

  6. Wait for syncing to complete before uploading or downloading content

    Once the initial sync of your workspace is complete, you can begin using Air Flow again to sync files up and down.

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