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Keyboard Shortcuts

Barely lift a finger to get things done

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Navigating Assets with Keyboard Shortcuts

Anyone who’s used a computer to create something will understand the importance of keyboard shortcuts. Finding the one that works for you can be a game-changer when it comes to speed, accuracy, and productivity. Air has a range of features that are optimized for keyboard navigation. When inside an asset’s preview page, you’ll notice a keyboard icon in the right bottom corner. This gives you a reference to all the shortcuts you need when working with your assets.

Using the Navigation Arrows

Get started with an easy one - the right and left arrows let you move from one asset to the next. This lets you quickly scroll through your assets without lifting your hands off the keyboard, which can save you precious time.

Zooming In and Out

Hold the command key and use plus and minus to control zoom, cmd + 0 to enter full-screen mode, and ESC to close. This is similar to most image-editing software, making it immediately familiar.

Adding Comments and Annotations

We’ve got shortcuts for comments and video, too! Cmd + ^ + certain letters trigger shortcuts: C will open the comments panel, A to add annotations, and D to use the draw annotation tool. This is an easy way to communicate with your team without having to leave the asset.

Playing Video with Shortcuts

Pause and play video with the space bar or use the JKL keys as rewind, play and fast forward, or number keys to jump a percentage of the way through. This lets you quickly jump to the exact time you need without manually dragging the slider.

Adjusting Volume and Mute

Adjust the volume using the up and down keys, and hit M for mute. You can also adjust the volume while watching a video - perfect if you don’t want to disturb others in the office.

We highly recommend exploring all of the available shortcuts so you can get the most out of your workspace.

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