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Show your team the exact section of the asset you're giving feedback about

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Who can use annotations?

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Supported on any Air plan

✏️ Anyone who has comment access to the workspace, library, or board

πŸ—ΊοΈ Anyone that visits a share link with comments enabled

Annotations allow you to highlight a certain area of an image or video to share focused feedback. A photographer can request a lighting adjustment on a the corner of a shot. A marketer can designate where they want their logo watermark to be on an image. An editor can call out a point of interest in a video.


The annotate button appears on the bottom right had corner of your asset preview on Air. Selecting the Annotate button reveals options for applying or modifying annotated comments to assets within your workspace.

🫡🏽 Point-based annotation

Identify a specific spot on an image or video where you want to share feedback. After clicking on the place your point should be placed, Air shows an editable comment field. Air will also apply your account initials or profile photo. You can also use this tool to draw a rectangular shape making your comment applicable across a larger area of an asset.

✍🏼 Freeform annotation

Takes annotations to the next level with the ability to draw freely on an asset. Drawing your annotations – circling, underlining, crossing out, drawing arrows, and so on – can help you clearly illustrate your ideas for faster feedback. When the feedback isn't about a point but an amorphous area within an asset, use the freeform drawing tool to get your message across. Selecting the squiggle icon, allows you to choose a preferred color from a palette as well as the line thickness when you draw.

  • ↩️ Undo - As you draw on an asset, use this button to take a step or several steps back and pick up your note from a previous step.

  • β†ͺ️ Redo - If you undo too much and need to re-place an aspect of a freeform annotation during your feedback session, you can redo to bring back a previously removed drawing.

Comment field

The comment field is plain text and can be enhanced with built-in emoji picker and tagging workspace members to prompt notifications about the feedback. After your written feedback is applied you're able to submit the comment using the paper airplane icon to retain your comment.

Comment tab

Annotations can be activated within the comment tab as well! After leaving an annotated comment, they are easily identified in the comment tab modal by the point-based icon. Click the comments that are saved in the modal and contain a point-based icon to jump to their location on the asset preview.

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