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I think I have a bug
I think I have a bug

When you need to report a bug to our team, get help fast

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Here's a handy checklist to use for reporting a bug to Air's team for investigation. The more you can provide from the below list, the faster we can work on fixing the problem and getting you back on track.

⬜️ Try out the troubleshooting steps shared here. Let us know what you tried, what worked, and what did not work.

⬜️ Share the email login + workspace name of user experiencing the issue.

⬜️ Share the URL the issue is occurring on. You can grab this from your browser window.

⬜️ Share how the issue was discovered? Include the steps taken to find the problem.

⬜️ Share a screenshot of the problem. If possible, make it of your entire desktop.

⬜️ Share a screen recording of the problem occurring. If possible also voiceover the screen recording narrating your steps as you take them.

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