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Try these steps when Air is not quite working like it should.

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On the rare occasion that Air is not working on your browser, try the steps below to troubleshoot, isolate the issue, and get back to work.

🔄 Refresh your browser window

Try ⌘ + R or CTRL + R as a simple way to restart all the page activity when something is seemingly stuck. Sometimes the browser just needs a jumpstart and a refresh will do the trick.

🚪 Log out

This step will clear all local data associated with Air's website and start your connection fresh. Head to and once it loads, log in with your credentials.

💨 Clear your browser cache and site data for all time

These steps can vary from browser to browser. We've linked the support articles on how to clear site data for the browsers Air supports below:

🥸 Switch to an incognito or private browsing window

Private browsing will load Air as though you are a new visitor. When you use this browser setting, there will be no saved cookies, login information, or auto-filled details.

🔌 Add Air to or disable browser extensions

Some browser extensions may block Air's API. You can disable the browser extension, or add to the extension’s allow list. The process for this varies by extension, so make sure to reference their documentation for the relevant extension.

After updating or disabling your running extensions, reload Air.

⌽ Restart your device

Maybe your computer needs a restart. Tech issues running in the background can block Air. Resetting your device can fix the issue.

🔧 Tinker with or disable your VPN/Firewall settings

A VPN or firewall protects your privacy on the internet so you’re confident hackers and advertisers can’t track you.

Switch servers

Maybe you’re connected to an international server the site doesn’t like. Before you do anything else, you should switch between various servers. The issue may be as simple as the site not wanting traffic from that country.

Turn off threat detection

Go into your VPN or firewall and turn off cybersecurity features designed to stop you from accessing dangerous sites.

Add exceptions

Sometimes, false alarms cause errors. For example, maybe the domain owner didn’t upgrade its certificates. This can raise red flags for your VPN, which then blocks the site.

🆕 Update your browser

It's a good practice to keep your operating system and browser software up to date with the latest available version. Update to the latest version of your browser and try loading Air after the install is complete.

We've seen this step work particularly well when:

  • You click on a button on Air and nothing happens

  • Air seems to be in a constant load state

🧭 Switch to a different browser

If you’re using Google Chrome, give Edge or Firefox a try. Sometimes, websites and browsers don’t get along well.

🗑️ Uninstall and reinstall your browser

Browsers are software and software isn't perfect. Sometimes an install can go totally wrong. Try a totally new install of your browser to your device to resolve problems that seem connected to a specific browser.

🪲 Submit a bug report

If you're still experiencing problems, let us know! Email our team at or send a note through the messenger icon on the bottom right of this page.

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