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We've designed Air to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but we are here to support you every step of the way if you need assistance with any issues or questions. We have useful online content and access to real humans โ€” our knowledgeable and friendly support team!

Getting Started guide

Click here to find our full onboarding guide for Admins that explains everything you need to do to get up and running with Air.

Help Center

This help center contains a wealth of information to help you thrive with Air, from details on how to use features to overviews of workflows and frequently asked questions.

You can access the help center:

  1. By navigating to

  2. From the ? icon in the account menu in Air

  3. From the in-app chat menu (which includes a built-in article search)

Your Customer Success Manager

Pro and Enterprise plans also have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager. You can set up a call with them any time to talk through anything you need, from how to get started, to help with importing and structuring your Air workspace, or any other questions.

Air Academy

We also have a series of playlists that take you through all Air features and how to make the most of them. The videos are geared towards Admins but some sections will still prove useful for all users so be sure to share with your team.

We currently have the following playlists:

Providing product feedback

We love hearing your feedback about how we can improve Air! You can submit your feedback directly through our feedback portal, which allows you to create new ideas as well as vote and comment on existing ideas.

Feedback is most effective if you can describe the real-world problem you are trying to solve, how you think Air could be best improved to achieve this, and how important this is for you to succeed with Air. There's nothing we love more than hearing your feedback! Always feel free to reach out to our live team to talk with a human about your ideas.

In-app chat

If the Help Center hasn't answered your question, you can speak directly with us using the in-app chat, by clicking Chat with support in your account menu, or by using the chat pop-up available in the lower right corner on applicable pages.

From here you can either search the help center or send us a message. We have our real-time response expectation by a real human, and we're happy to chat through your question and find you a solution.

Email Us

You can also reach the team via email at, and email chats will sync to the in-app messenger (and vice versa) so you can always find your latest conversation with us.

Contact us for any questions, including:

  • How to do something

  • Something isn't working

  • You'd like some advice on setting up your workspace

  • You have new users or clients you'd like to onboard

  • You have feedback on how we can improve Air

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