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We created the perfect workspace for your team’s images, videos, and files. Upload your content from anywhere and watch it become instantly organized with features like AI-enabled auto keywords and boolean-enabled smart image search. Share content, discuss and collaborate with your team, and manage projects end-to-end, in a seamless, organized, and visually beautiful setting.

Air is a creative operations management tool that automates hours of work per person, per day. With seamless collaboration, your team can work in the same place as your images and videos. Easily collaborate with 3rd party vendors outside the organization and handle creative revisions, all in Air.

When you log in to Air, you will land on the workspace library or last viewed page of your workspace. Use the left sidebar to easily access the main library, favorite items, and other useful pages like unused items. Fast filters, saved filters, libraries and boards can also be found in the sidebar. You also have access to all created workspaces in the navy ribbon on the far left, as well as Customer Support using the ? icon and Account Settings. Sync your Air workspace to Finder with our desktop app for Mac, Air Flow.

To make the most of Air, we recommend:

  • Storing creative brief templates

  • Creating boards for each project, marketing channel, or client

  • Creating sub-boards for different creative team members to upload their work to

  • Running feedback sessions in Air using commenting tools

  • Using Air's version stacking feature to upload new drafts of each asset while keeping them together in one location

  • Adding a custom field that designates an asset as approved once it receives final approval

On the go? No problem! Air has an excellent mobile web experience so you're never limited by location. Keep everyone up to speed by allowing your team to capture, organize, and collaborate from their mobile browser.

Explore this Help Center collection for a more in-depth look at Air's features and how to use them. Reach out to help@air.inc with any questions or support requests!

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