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What is Air?
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Air is a tool for managing creative assets at any scale. We automate the way teams collect, approve, and share creative content. It’s a unified, organized, visual library of every asset. Think Dropbox but on steroids (and prettier). With Air you can be part of a centralized workspace for your entire team's images, videos, and files.

Collect content from anywhere. Watch your files become instantly organized with features like AI-enabled auto keywords and boolean-enabled smart image search.

Approve content with ease. Express ideas, provide feedback, and make collaborative and informed decisions.

Share content with everyone. Manage projects end-to-end, in a seamless, organized, and visually beautiful setting.

Air is capable of saving hours of work per person, per day. Easily collaborate with external partners outside your organization and handle creative revisions, all on Air.

Reasons to use Air

Over 120k creatives and 1,600+ brands use Air to manage 50 million images and videos every day. There are a host of reasons to choose Air; here are just a few.

  • Store creative brief templates

  • Create exclusive landing pages for each project you work on or client you work with

  • Receive creative from team members to upload their work to

  • Host feedback sessions with discussion tools like comments and annotations

  • Stack the latest edits of any creative taking the guesswork out of whether or not the work got done

  • Designate files as approved with handy metadata tools like custom fields and customizable views like kanban.

Looking for more ideas? Hear directly from users on Air's G2 page to get some inspiration on how to leverage Air for your use case.

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