What is a board?

Boards provide you and your team with the ability to organize content visually. Create organizational structure with a board for each of your teams or group content thematically with product-specific boards.

Unlike a traditional folder structure, your images and videos can live in multiple boards without the need to duplicate assets or mess with permissions.

For example, if you have an image of a product photoshoot, you may want that image in the board you created to house the photoshoot content and a board specific to the product and also a board for paid advertisements you're running this month. Instead of having three copies of the same image, simply add the image to all three of those boards!

Board Views

How you view your content can be just as important as the content itself. Use the view toggle button to switch between gallery and table view. Gallery view is perfect for presenting content to teammates and partners, conducting brainstorms, or simply sparking spontaneous creativity. Table view allows you and your team to see important metadata like file extension, size, and resolution in a quick-scroll format.

Gallery View: highly visual grid display– feels like scrolling through social media or looking at a mood board instead of digging through a file cabinet.

Table View: easily scrollable, detailed list of content with metadata front and center– distinguish between assets at a glance and view information side-by-side.

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Adding assets to a board:

In Gallery View

  1. Select the images and videos you'd like to add by clicking the checkbox in the top left corner of the preview

  2. Click Add to Board in the top panel

  3. Select an existing board from the dropdown menu or just start typing to create a new board

Note: You can also add images and videos to a board by selecting the assets you need and dragging them to the intended board on the left side panel.

In Player View

  1. Click Edit in the Boards section on the right-side panel

  2. Click +Add Board

  3. Select an existing board from the dropdown menu

Sharing boards:

Share out any board to provide team members and external partners with an extension of your workspace– we call these Public Boards. Toggle board permissions to give your recipient(s) the freedom to view, upload, and download content.

Here are just a few ways you might use a public board:

  1. Send final designs to your social media manager for next week's posts

  2. Share RAW photoshoot content with your freelance editor

  3. Present a visual review of work with clients for feedback

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