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Learn all about Table View and its use cases

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Air is intended to be a highly visual tool. Viewing your content in Gallery View feels more natural than traditional cloud storage, but we also understand that sometimes a wall of images prevents your team from viewing and organizing content in the most efficient manner.

Table View allows you and your team to work with content in an easily scrollable, detailed format. Details like date created, size, file extension, and dimensions are all displayed front and center for quick analysis.

Here are just a few use cases for Table View:

  1. Quickly analyze metadata to distinguish between asset versions like Instagram stories and paid ads

  2. Group content by relevant details (file extension, size, dimensions) for sharing and organizing

  3. Format your table as a chronological list for scheduled posting to social media platforms

Use Table View to sort

Similar to Gallery View, Table View allows you to sort assets by name, date created, date modified, and custom sort. Use the column arrows to sort all of your content in either ascending or descending order, or sort by file extension, size and dimensions. You can also hit the gear icon to adjust which data is displayed within the columns.

See more of your metadata

With your metadata displayed front and center in the Table View, you can quickly scan your content's metadata to distinguish between similar assets at a glance.

Here are just a few examples of how Table View helps teams tackle versioning issues:

  1. Social media managers organize and differentiate between planned posts for any media platform (Instagram story, Twitter post, igtv)

  2. Photographers separate RAW and final edits by file extension for marketing team use

  3. Designers export a range of file formats (png, pdf, jpg) for various team use across the organization

To select an asset in the Table View, click anywhere except for the asset icon or title. To open an asset in the Table View, double click or select the asset's title.

To multi-select assets, simply continue tapping and highlighting items or hold Shift and scroll for quicker selection – click an asset again to deselect.

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