How do versions work?

The feedback process doesn't have to be messy — Air's version feature keeps it from getting out of control. Now everyone on your team has visibility to new changes, and all of your iterations are contained in one place.

We often call these version stacks, referencing our capability to stack new revisions on top of your original unedited asset.

You can also store related documents and non-visual files related to the original asset: no more lost content, no more confusion around what's up to date - no more clutter. Versions are a digital manila folder that keeps correlated files and visual assets together for maximum organization power.

Let's say you want to repurpose an asset in your workspace for an ad campaign.

You'd likely start by having a discussion with your design team in the comments, outlining exactly what changes need to be made. Once the updated asset is ready for review, your designer would come back to the asset modal and upload it as a version.

Here's how:

Creating a version stack

You can see every asset in a version stack by opening the versions menu at the bottom of the asset view screen.

  • Upload new versions with the "+" button, or drag it in from your desktop or Finder into the asset screen.

  • We also have a handy drag-and-drop capability that stacks just like real-life documents — place one on top of the pile and it's the first, most recent one you see.

  • More than one? If you have multiple versions, feel free to upload them simultaneously and then rearrange the order if necessary. You can rearrange the versions by dragging them into the desired position.

Identifying version stacks

Back in board view, your asset will now have a corresponding version stack icon, making it super easy for anyone to spot at a glance.

Share Link version permissions

You can enable visible versions using our Share Links! If you share a board or asset that contains a version stack, only the latest version will be visible to non-workspace members by default. To turn on versions, go to the Advanced Settings tab in the Share Link window and toggle the permission on.

Member permissions

Here's a breakdown of how Members with various levels of permissions can interact with versions:

  • Commenters - Can't upload or re-order versions, view only

  • View-only guests - Can't upload or re-order versions, view only

  • Comment-only guests - Can't upload or re-order versions, view only

  • Guests with edit permissions - Full versions access, can upload and re-order

  • Admins - Full versions access, can upload and re-order

  • Editors - Full versions access, can upload and re-order

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