Collaborators added to the workspace are called Members whereas collaborators added at the board level are considered Guests. Members have access to your entire workspace and Guests only have access to the board that they have been invited to. Both Members and Guests can be paid users, and both Members and Guests of all levels are prompted to create an Air account to access the workspace.

To see a visual chart of Member and Guest permissions, see our User Permissions Matrix.


All Members added to your workspace count toward your per-member workspace cost. Each Member you invite to your workspace is given specific permissions that determine what they can and cannot do in your workspace. Here's a breakdown of member permissions by role.

Admin (paid)

  • Full permissions across the entire workspace

  • Access to billing, plan details and Member management

  • Can create and edit custom field types for the entire workspace

Editor (paid)

  • Full edit permissions (upload, create, tag, comment, download etc.) across the entire workspace

  • No access to billing, plan details, and member management

  • Can edit custom fields values

Commenter (paid)

  • View, comment and download permissions across the entire workspace

  • No access to billing, plan detail, or member management

  • Can view custom filed values

Guests (Pro or Enterprise plans only)

Guests are added directly from a board by using our Share function - invite Guests to a board by selecting "Invite People" from the Share menu.

Adding someone at the board level grants them access to only that specific board with certain permissions depending on the role you've assigned to them. Only Guest editors and Guest commenters will count toward your per-member workspace cost. Here's a breakdown of guest permissions, by role:

Editor (paid)

  • Full edit permissions (upload, download, tag, comment, or delete assets) within specific boards

  • Can edit custom field values

Commenter (paid)

  • Commenting permissions within specific boards

  • Cannot edit, download, or delete content

  • Can view custom fields

Viewer (free)

  • Permission to view all content within specific boards

  • Cannot edit, delete, download, or comment on any content.

  • Can view custom fields

Note that Guests are only available to workspaces on the Pro plan. For more information on upgrading your plan, visit your plan page here →

Removing Members or Guests from your workspace:

Only a workspace admin can remove Members or Guests from a workspace. This can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Have a workspace admin click on the Settings and Members tab

  2. With the Members tab selected, click the access level next to the name you want to deactivate

  3. Click the "Remove from workspace" button

The deactivated users will no longer have access to the workspace. If they need access to specific boards, images, or videos, you can send them sharable links from the board page.

Custom Permissions

Custom permissions are available on our Enterprise plan. Get additional information about our Enterprise plan here →

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