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Explore Workspace Members

A guide to the users added to Air at the workspace level.

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Who can view workspace members?

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Supported on any Air plan

✏️ Anyone that has access to view the workspace

Workspace members are the talented individuals you invite to join your workspace. They have access to all of the content in your workspace, at varying levels of permission.

Workspace Settings > Members

The Members tab in your Workspace settings keeps a list of all users added to your workspace. Each member listed will show their name, email address, access level. From here, you can customize member permissions and then invite members through email or a shareable link.

Add Members

Invite By Email

This tab allows you to see all members of your workspace and add any others with a direct-to-email invitation. The email subject is "You've been added to a workspace on Air". The email is sent from Below is a screenshot of how the email looks:

Invite by Link

Members can also be added by link. Create a secret link to allow anyone to join your workspace. Set the permission levels you want to give to new members. The created link can be shared at any time and accessed at any time, helping teams save time by not needing to manage membership on a per user email basis. Rather, you can manage workspace membership by member access level. Below is a screenshot of where an invite link will land once accessed:

Once the user signs up or signs in they will be brought to the workspace associated with the invite link.

Member Access Levels


Admins are the masters of the workspace. They have full permissions across the entire workspace, including access to billing, plan details, and member management. They can also create and edit custom field types for the whole workspace.


Editors are the creative superheroes. They have full edit permissions, which means they can upload, create, tag, comment, delete and download across the entire workspace. They can edit custom field values too! They can add members to the workspace at the editor access level and below. They can also add guests. However, they don't have access to modify billing + plan details.


Commenters are the observers and downloaders. They can view, comment, and download across the entire workspace. They can view custom field values. They don't have access to modify billing, plan details, or add any users.

Workspace Owner + Other Custom Roles

With Air's Enterprise plan, you can have roles with custom permissions. Let's say you'd like a user to be able to upload but not download. Or perhaps it makes sense for someone on your team to be able to see comments but not see custom field entries. Air's dedicated customer success team can partner with you to get the settings just right. Head here to learn more about our Enterprise plan.

Inactive Members

Inactive members can be shown at the bottom of the Members tab in workspace settings. They are previously active users within the associated Air workspace. From this section, this list of users can be reactivated and their access levels are able to be modified.

Inactive users do not count toward subscription member limits or costs if applicable. An inactive user cannot access the associated workspace where they are listed as inactive. Their name may appear within the associated workspace as part of metadata for content within the workspace. Deleted Air user accounts do not appear as inactive.

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