Stay up to date on the boards critical to your creative process and never miss a beat with our revamped notifications! Want to see when someone makes a change or adds a comment to the board you are working on? Curious who added content, or who is invited to a board? Stay on top of it all with the new notifications.

What Notifications Can I Get?

  • Whenever someone "@ mentions" you in a discussion anywhere in your workspace.

  • Any new comments added to a discussion you have participated in.

  • Comments added to any asset inside a board you follow.

  • Whenever content is uploaded, moved, or removed from a board you follow.

  • Whenever sub-boards or invitations are created for a board you follow.

Where Can I See My Notifications?

  • Click on the bell icon near your workspace name at the top left of the screen to see your notification feed.

  • Easily navigate to the location of a notification by clicking on the notification within the feed.

  • Click on the notification to mark it as "read" or hit on "Mark all as read" to clean up your notification feed.

Following Boards

  • "Follow" a board to stay notified when someone comments, uploads, or moves content into that board.

  • From any board, hit the "Follow" button and and toggle "Follow this board" on.

  • You will automatically follow any boards you create in the workspace (only applies to boards manually created in the UI, not imported)

Update Notification Preferences

  • Navigate to "Account Settings" by hitting on your profile icon at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Click on the "Notifications" tab and adjust your notification settings. Currently we only allow you to toggle on/off email notifications but more features and customizations are on the way!

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