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Pick and choose which email and in-app notifications work for you

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Who can modify notifications on Air?

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Supported on any Air plan

✏️ Anyone with access to the workspace, library, or board

You can receive notifications both inside of Air's app and in your email inbox for activity that happens in your workspace(s). Notifications are directed to you when you meet certain criteria like following the board or creating a public link in which activity took place. You can use the Notifications Manager to control which notifications you receive as well as where you receive them.

Digest emails

With digest emails, you'll receive a round-up of unread notifications twice a day. This setting will be automatically toggled on for all Air workspace users.


Check the boxes for the emails you want to get direct to your inbox. Visit your email provider settings to further filter and refine the emails you receive.


Notifications in the app are on by default for all active Air users. When you are working within the manager, you can further refine the default. Uncheck the box for any in-app notifications you don't need and they'll no longer show from that point forward.

Boards following

Following a board in your Air workspace will subscribe you to notifications about actions being taken in that board. You can review which boards you're following and set your preferences up to receive notifications about comments, public links, and activity from those links. Use this section to easily see a count of those boards and see them all listed in one place. You can also unfollow boards you don't need the notices for right within the modal.


Control the notifications about new comments on assets in boards you follow, @-mentions on assets, and replies to threads you’ve started or are in.


Control the notifications about new sub-boards created in boards you're following, new items uploaded to those boards, and custom field changes to those boards & their content within.

Share links + content collection forms

Control the notifications about links you've created on Air. From here you can pick and choose what to get looped in on when it comes to:

  • Views of share links

  • Downloads from links

  • Comments

  • Submissions to content collection forms

  • Custom field changes made

  • Expiring or expired links (Pro and Enterprise)

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