Though Air supports many different file formats, most users primarily use the platform to deal with visual files.

Our Brand Glossary provides a thorough education on the different terms you should use to talk about the content you store in Air. Here are some highlights:


The Air term for “file” — any kind of document, image, audio, or video file used to promote and maintain a brand.


Air’s version of a folder. A board provides you and your team with the ability to organize content visually. You can create an organizational structure with a board for each of your teams or group content thematically with product-specific boards. Unlike traditional folders, your images and videos can live in multiple boards without the need to duplicate assets or mess with permissions.


Any piece of information meant to be consumed by an audience.

Creative workflow

The sequence of processes and tasks required to take a creative asset from ideation to production to deployment.


An Air feature that lets you assign keywords to your content. We like to think of tags like characteristics for a person — you use them to describe what you see in your images and videos, or any information your team might need, to help you stay organized.


Air uses image recognition and AI to automatically assign keywords to your content. Similar to tags, these help with organization and searching content.

Digital assets

Assets that you create, store, and share online.

User generated content (UGC)

Refers to any content (e.g., video, image, or social media post) that features a brand or product and was created by a customer or someone outside of the organization.


Your visual headquarters on Air for all of your creative assets and workflows. You can invite collaborators to your workspace, organize assets with boards, share content, and more.

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