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The Air extension for Canva helps you and your team create on-brand content. Connect your Air workspaces to access your approved content for your Canva designs. Air also has double the storage Canva offers on its lowest-tiered paid plan so you can marry our two apps for double the assets at a low price.

From Canva apps

'Air' is listed within Canva's apps at Air for Canva. Air's Canva app page gives you an overview of the app's capabilities and direct access to start using Air with your Canva designs right away.

From any Canva design

Search for Air from the Apps section of your design sidebar and you have a speedy way to get started using your Air content on Canva. After adding Air to your Canva apps, you're After you add Air for Canva to your apps, the Air logo will live in your Canva sidebar when working on a project. Connect the app to your Air account and you're set - it's that easy to start using your assets on your Canva projects!


Use the search bar to filter your content. The search here (while not as robust as Air's web app) will return results based on the asset title.


Your workspace boards are nested as they are within your Air workspace. The app will show the first 5 top-level boards. You can search to find a specific board name or select 'Show more' to reveal additional top-level boards. Clicking on any board will show the content and any other sub-boards included.


๐Ÿšง Air for Canva Restrictions + Limitations

Due to some restrictions Air for Canva currently supports the following file types. Unsupported files and other non-static image assets will not appear in the Canva Air app:

  • Images up to 25MB (JPG, PNG, SVG, HEIC)

Air for Canva assets include your qualifying static images that are stored on Air. When you select the ones you want to work with from within the Air for Canva app, they will add to the page currently in view on your open design. They will also download to your Canva library for easy future access.

If you need further assistance with Air's Canva integration, please contact our support team at support@air.com.

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