Where to find Custom Field settings?

  • Start by locating the Fields menu in the Setting and Members page.

How to create and edit custom fields?

  • To easily create and edit custom fields click on the Add a custom field button on the Fields page.

  • Create the field title and add a description so your team knows what the field means and should be used for.

  • Add the various field options and feel free to edit their order and color as you please! After each edit make sure to hit that check mark!

  • Once you are done adding/editing your field options, make sure to hit the save button on the bottom right side of the modal.

Using Fields

  • Fields will show up in the asset modal within the custom fields tab on each asset.

  • Here you can assign what fields you want represented on an asset and can adjust the field so everyone in your workspace stays up to date.

  • You can even quickly edit the custom field from the asset modal by hitting Add or edit options.

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