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Custom Field Settings
Editing Custom Fields
Applying Custom Fields

Ever need to track the status of a photo or video through your team's editing and review process? What about culling down an entire photoshoot to only the best content? Managing usage rights on content created by collaborators or affiliates.

Custom Fields Settings

Custom fields give you the power to visually categorize your content by, well...anything! Status, rating, usage rights, and assignee are the default custom fields on each workspace, but they can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Single-select field types are for single values that can be assigned to an asset and those values can be displayed in a column on our Kanban view.

  • Multi-select field types are useful when an item can have multiple values, eg. "Social media platform."

  • Plain-text field types assigns a free text block for more descriptive data.

  • Date field types are used for storing time-based information like "Due date" or "Expiration date"

To start creating custom fields, head to the the FIELDS tab in the Settings and Members page. You'll notice that we've added in some default custom fields to get you started!

Note that only member with Admin permissions can create/delete custom fields.

Editing Custom Fields

  1. Click on the Add a custom field button on the Fields tab

  2. Add a title and description so your team knows how to use the custom field

  3. Add your values, editing their order and color as you see fit
    After each edit make sure to hit that check mark!

  4. Click the save button to save your newly created custom field

Applying Custom Fields

  • Fields will show up in the asset modal within the custom fields tab on each asset.

  • Here you can assign what fields you want represented on an asset and can adjust the field so everyone in your workspace stays up to date.

You can even quickly edit the custom field from the asset modal by hovering over the field name and hitting on the pencil icon next to the field name.

Custom Fields on Boards

Add and edit custom fields on the board level by hitting the Set custom fields button under the board description.

Custom Fields in Gallery view

  • You can expose custom fields while viewing assets in the gallery view.

  • Hitting the Gear icon at the top right of a board allows you to expose specific custom fields on the assets.

Custom Fields on Share Links

You can now expose custom fields and allow public users to edit them on public boards. This allows users to receive feedback, ratings, and other context from external parties through custom fields.

  • When generating a board share link, the option "Can Collaborate" will allow any user who receives that link to edit the custom field values on assets, sub-boards, and files

  • Similar to public comments, public users can quickly create a free account to edit custom fields values

You can control what external users see when receiving a board by hitting the gear icon and selecting various assets details. After you have selected/de-selected what details you want, hit the Save View button that appears to left of the gear.

Below is an example of what a user will see when receiving a board with custom fields exposed. In this example, only the "Status" field was toggled in the saved view prior to the share link being generated.

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