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Annotations allow you to highlight a certain area of an image or video to share focused feedback. A photographer can request a lighting adjustment on a the corner of a shot. A marketer can designate where they want their logo watermark to be on an image. An editor can call out a point of interest in a video.

Note: This feature is available to members, guests, and public board visitors with commenting permissions or above. This feature currently works on photos and videos - PDF functionality is coming soon!

Creating an annotation

  • Annotations are made by moving your cursor over an image or video and drawing the annotation box. (Your cursor will change to a + while on an asset to show this functionality)

  • To edit your annotation, simply redraw the box.

  • To remove it, click anywhere on the asset.

  • After creating an annotation, the comment dialog is automatically highlighted and selected so you can immediately start typing the comment associated with that annotation.

  • Click on any comment with an annotation icon to see the associated annotation overlaid on the asset.

Annotations on Videos

  • You can create annotations on videos and they will function similarly to timestamp comments.

  • If your video is playing, drawing an annotation will pause the video and add a time-stamp to your comment.

  • The comment can be clicked on to jump directly to that moment in the video player and highlight the annotation.

  • Like timestamp comments, a user icon will appear in the player's timeline and can be clicked to jump to that moment of the video.

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