Air has recently redesigned the share link experience — way simpler, cleaner, and will scale better as we add more functionality in the future!

Unique URLs can be created for parent boards, sub-boards, and to individual assets directly. The contributor will only have access to the board, sub-board, or asset to which you have created the share link and won't have access to the rest of your workspace. Air also features share link inheritance — if you set permissions on a board URL, links generated for sub-boards will automatically start out with the parent board’s share link settings.

Create a share link from the main page of a board or sub-board in the upper right corner using the Share button and select "Share a link" from the drop-down menu. The same function can be found by clicking on the “...” icon on the thumbnail or sidebar and choosing “Share a link” from the drop-down menu that appears. Here, you can generate a unique URL to copy and share with any contributor you'd like to have visiting access to your board.

A toggling feature allows you to turn a link on or off without losing the generated URL and its settings. Use this if you want to temporarily disable a link.

Permissions of a share link have three options:

  • Can View — View-only permissions on content

  • Can Comment — Can view and comment* on all displayed content, but cannot edit

  • Can Collaborate — Can edit metadata and custom fields, but cannot upload or delete content

*To post a comment on an asset, user must have an Air login

After a URL is generated, the "..." icon next to the Copy button gives you the option to preview what your share link will look like for users, generate a new URL (this will disable the current generated URL), or delete the existing generated URL.

Please note: Tags are considered "internal" workspace data, meant for use within the workspace team. Therefore, you are not able to filter or search by tags using a Share Link. Alternatively, Custom Fields are able to be seen and utilized on Share Links.

Advanced Settings and Enabling Download Permissions

Under the "Advanced Settings" tab, you are able to toggle visitor permissions such as the ability to download assets and visibility of previous asset versions. Air Pro members also have the option of protecting the link with a custom passcode and setting an expiration date for the generated URL. Once a link has expired (at 11:59:59 PM on the day you chose, in the timezone you set it in), it will no longer be accessible to anyone who tries to visit that page, until the expiration date is updated or removed.

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