Are you working with a photographer or media content creator and want to skip the tedious step of transferring and uploading files yourself? Content Collection forms can make it easy for collaborators to upload assets. They don’t even have to be an Air member - just create a unique link and the files can be uploaded right from their data storage.

When on the main page of a board or sub-board, a Share button is located in the top right corner. By selecting “Collect content” from the drop-down menu, you are able to generate an upload form to be used by anyone who has access to the unique URL.

The option to add a description to the uploaded content generates by default. Additionally, you can add options for more information using your custom fields. Any of these fields can be marked as "Optional" or "Required." If a field is required, the user will not be able to submit an upload unless it is completed.

Users are not able to select a sub-board to upload into from the URL, so if you'd like the files to be in a particular sub-board, make sure to generate the URL from within it. The uploads will go directly into the assets of the specific shared board or sub-board, and become part of your asset library.

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