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Freeform Annotations

Make feedback more colorful!

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Clear feedback is critical to delivering great content. Sometimes expressing your ideas in comments form, via Slack messages, or even face-to-face can be unclear and time consuming. Freeform markups annotations were designed to help you cut through the noise with clear and precise visual feedback.

This new feature takes our Annotations tool to the next level with the ability to draw freely on an asset. Drawing your annotations – circling, underlining, crossing out, drawing arrows, and so on – can help you clearly illustrate your ideas for faster feedback.

Enjoy the flexibility to choose how you want to communicate. Tailor your annotation style based on the viewer or the asset type - use Timestamp comments for frame-specific video feedback, try freeform markup annotations for doodling a complex idea, or standard Annotations to select & comment on an entire area.

How it works:

  • Open your asset > Select annotate

  • Choose your annotation style

  • Select the pencil functionality to highlight, draw, or markup asset

  • Or select the comment annotation to leave precise, point-based comment

  • Easily undo edits or change colors

  • Toggle freeform markup annotations on & off by clicking the annotate button

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