Whether you're storing content on Google Drive, Dropbox, a DAM, a hard drive or anywhere else, Air makes centralizing all of your content in one place simple.

There are four main ways to upload assets to your workspace:

  1. Add Button

  2. Drag and Drop

  3. Content Collection

  4. Air Lift

Add Button

Use the Add button to upload content from your computer or import from any of our integrations with:

  • Dropbox

  • Box

  • Google Drive

Please note: Dropbox uploads can access personal folders associated with your account, but currently unable to upload "Shared with Me" folders.

Drag and Drop

Air's workspace also allows for an easy drag-and-drop option. Just pull a file or folder from your desktop and place into your workspace. This will upload the files directly onto the board you are currently working on.

Content Collection

Others outside of your workspace are also able to add files directly to your boards using out Content Collection feature. Content Collection forms can make it easy for collaborators to upload assets. They don’t even have to be an Air member - just create a unique link and the files can be uploaded right from their data storage. Get all the details about Content Collection forms here.

Air Lift

Air Lift is a downloadable menu bar app that makes uploading directly from your desktop a breeze! Air Lift gives you and your team the ability to sync local files directly to your workspace. Connect a watch folder to push continuous updates or simply drag and drop content into the menu bar for a quick, seamless upload. You can find more information including a download link here.

Looking for more a more customized approach? Check out our Custom Migrations - assistance available for Enterprise customers.

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