The Tag Manager is located in "Settings and Members" and allows you to quickly create, edit, merge, search, and view tags in your workspace. The Tag Manager is accessible to admins and editors only.

Creating and deleting a tag

  • Create new tags for your workspace with the "+ New" button in the Tag Manager, or add them as you go when editing existing tags on an asset

  • Select tags you want to delete and hit the "delete" button on the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Searching for tags

  • You can search your tags in your Tag Manager to quickly locate tags to edit, view, or merge existing tags.

  • You can quickly view all the assets with a tag by clicking the "ellipses" menu to the right of a tag name.

    Note: You can also sort your tags by name and # of times the tag appears in the workspace by hitting the arrows next to "Name" or "Times Used."

Merging tags

  • You can select multiple tags to merge them into a pre-existing tag or newly created tag by hitting the "merge" button on the action bar.

Inline tag edits

  • To quickly change the name of a tag, you can click on any tag (within the grey bubble around the tag name) and enter what you want to change that tag to.

    Note: this will change that tag name on any asset within your library that has the associated tag.

To add tags to multiple assets and files at once:

  1. Multiselect the desired assets you would like to tag.

  2. Right-click on one of the selected options and add hit the "Edit tags" button.

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