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Explore Versions and Stacking

See previous updates and related files all in one place

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Who can view versions on Air?

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Supported on any Air plan

✏️ Anyone who has viewing access to the workspace, library, or board can view versions

πŸ—ΊοΈ Anyone that visits an active share link with 'Show versions' enabled

The feedback process doesn't have to be messy β€” Air's version feature keeps it from getting out of control. Now everyone on your team has visibility to new changes, and all of your iterations are contained in one place.

We call these version stacks, referencing our capability to stack new revisions on top of your original unedited asset.

You can also store related documents and non-visual files related to the original asset: no more lost content, no more confusion around what's up to date - no more clutter. Versions are a digital manila folder that keeps correlated files and visual assets together for maximum organization power.

From views

You can identify assets with versions from asset and file thumbnails. The thumbnail for these items includes an icon that looks like 3 pieces of paper stacked on top of each other.

Gallery or table view

You are also able to create versions from these views by dragging and dropping any asset or file selection on top of another asset or file in the same view.


Applying 'Has versions' will filter all assets and files that contain additional versions.

From asset preview

Each asset or file is considered a version on Air. The version stack icon appears on the bottom center of your asset preview. Clicking on the icon will open a drawer in the preview to show thumbnails of each asset or file stacked within. The '+' icon in the top right of the stack drawer allows you to browse your storage and add more content to your workspace as versions. The stack drawer also accepts content via drag and drop.

The thumbnail of each version will show:

  • Title of each version

  • Date of upload

  • 'V#' to indicate which version is in view

    • A blue border outlining the thumbnail and an πŸ‘οΈ that indicates which version is in view from your browser window

  • Edit menu (three dots) when you hover your cursor


The cover is the item's dedicated thumbnail when viewing it in a board or workspace view. The edit menu (three dots) for the cover version gives the option to download the individual version. If you're viewing the cover version from within a board location, you'll also have the option to remove it from the stack.

Other versions

Any additional visible thumbnails represent other versions of the open asset. The edit menu (three dots) for other versions give the option to make it the cover version, download the individual version. If you're viewing the cover version from within a board location, you'll also have the option to remove it from the stack.

Comment tab

Comments made on different versions are viewed together by default under 'All Versions'. Users are able to filter comments by version within the comment tab. Select an individual version from within the version stack drawer to view its associated comments when filtered to current version instead.

Share link settings

If you want your public URLs to have all versions of an asset or file accessible, settings in the share link modal allows you to toggle on 'Show versions' for any version or board share link created.

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