What's the difference between a Member and a Guest?
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Member and Guest Permissions in Air

Members of your workspace have access to all of the content in your library, at varying levels of permission: Admin, Editor, and Viewer. The Admin can control library settings, share content, and add or delete content. Editors can add and edit content but cannot delete or manage library settings. Viewers can only view content and not edit.

Guests (available on Pro plan and above) are also invited by email, but only to certain boards in your workspace. Air also offers various levels of permission for your Guests: Editor, Commenter, and Viewer. As an Editor, they can upload and delete assets, edit and download assets and boards, and comment. Commenters cannot edit boards, tags, or custom fields, but can comment on existing content. As a Viewer, they can only view boards and not make changes.

Using the range of permission options across Members, Guests, and Share Links, you can give any teammate, partner, or collaborator the access they need! To get a more comprehensive look at permissions, check out this article on Air's Members and Guests.

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