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Adding a tag to hundreds of assets at once or move an entire set of photos from one board to another by using bulk actions. Air's multi-select functionality is designed to give you and your team the ability to seamlessly take bulk actions on boards, assets, and files in your workspace.

Use this helpful browser tip! Adjust your zoom in your browser by using a keyboard shortcut to adjust how many assets you can see at once. Use ⌘+ to zoom in and ⌘- to zoom out.

To multi-select sub-boards or assets within a board:

  1. Click on the whitespace next to the boards or assets you want to select

  2. Drag your mouse over the items you want to select

    • Hold Shift while clicking individual items to add the entire group of items between clicks

    • Hold Cmd while clicking individual items to add them to your selection

Once you have selected the items, you will see an action bar appear near the bottom of the screen telling you how many items you have selected

Bulk Actions

  1. Duplicate boards

  2. Download assets

  3. Favorite assets

  4. Add assets to a board

  5. Move to a different location

  6. Add or edit tags

  7. Delete

Hint: Right click your selection to take any action without using the action bar!

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