Duplicate Detection

We let you know if you're uploading the same asset into a board!

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Duplicate detection is an essential feature that helps keep your assets and boards organized. Here, we will explain how Air auto-detects duplicate assets and what happens when duplicates are detected.

Please note that duplicate detection only works within a single board and is not currently functional workspace-wide or within the asset library.


When an asset with the same name is uploaded, Air will automatically detect it and prompt the user to stack assets with a new version. Auto-detection only happens at the board level; uploads to the library will not be checked. Additionally, if assets are uploaded through the desktop app, they will be detected and prompted for version stack.

Choosing Not to Stack

If the user chooses not to stack a duplicated asset as a new version, the asset will be kept as a separate asset with the same name. Air will not rename the asset.

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