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Deleting or Leaving a Workspace
Deleting or Leaving a Workspace

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Have a workspace you need to leave? Make a workspace on accident and need to delete it?

Admins Control a Workspace

An Admin may want you as part of a workspace or they may have forgotten it existed. Please reach out to an Admin or Editor member if you wish to be removed as a member of a workspace.

If an Admin has left your company and you need further assistance managing members, please reach out to so we are able to confirm the Point of Contact going forward.

Manual Member Removal

If an Admin no longer needs a workspace, Admins are able to remove all levels of members from a workspace except for themselves once they are the sole Admin user. The Admin can remove all members except for themselves, or Editors can also add or remove other Editor level members and below.

Contact Us for Assistance

To remove a workspace as the sole Admin, contact us at or via chat. Be sure to include the name of the workspace you wish to remove and we'd be happy to assist.

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