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Air says I can't change my email address
Air says I can't change my email address
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When you set up your Air account for the first time using SSO, your email address is not able to be changed on Air.

Get around this by following these steps to add your preferred email address as a new user to your workspace:

  1. Go to the Members tab and invite your new email to the workspace


    Request that a new user be added to your workspace by your workspace admin

  2. Once the new user is pending on your list of workspace users, log out of your current account.

  3. In a separate tab or window or via your preferred email client, check your inbox for an email from Air ( with the subject 'You’ve been added to a workspace on Air!' If you don't see it, check your spam or junk folder.

  4. Open the email sent

  5. Select 'Accept Invite'

  6. Follow the steps to create a new Air account

  7. Lastly, remove your previous email from the Members list or request this update from your workspace admin

Once you have changed your account email, you can continue using Air with your new account.

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