What is metadata?

Metadata is information attached to your files that gives you and your team important information. This information can range from custom tags, keywords, and file descriptions that keep you informed and organized.

Metadata on Air

Air allows you to automatically import your content from our uploader with metadata attached. This will appear on the asset and can easily be viewed, searched, and filtered on Air.

When you import content to Air, the following metadata will also import with your files, if available:

  • Title / File name

  • Resolution

  • File type

  • Size

  • Date created

Tags, keywords, and custom fields will not attach as metadata when downloading or exporting assets.

Custom Metadata Imports

We know that content lives in a variety of places and maintaining your metadata during a migration is critical to a seamless transition. We can integrate with any tool and offer custom migrations that keeps your metadata in place. We have run these migrations from Dropbox, GDrive, Bynder, Brandfolder, Photoshelter, and many more services. Please reach out if you would like to discuss a custom migration.

If you are a new member, please visit our enterprise page to discuss your needs here: https://air.inc/enterprise

If you are a current Air, user feel free to open a chat with us in the product or email us at help@air.inc.

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