Downloading Boards and Assets

How to download the assets you need

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Air makes it easy to download any asset or board โ€” as long as you have permission in the workspace or set the ability in a share link. Here's how:

Downloading Boards

Download an entire board from the "..." menu next to the board name. Boards will download as one .zip file containing all assets within the board.

You can also download boards directly from the left sidebar. Just hover over a board title, click on the vertical " ... " menu on the right of a board or asset's row, and you'll see the same menu shown above.

Downloading Individual Assets

To download individual assets, simply hover over an asset, click on the " ... " menu, and select Download. You can multi-select to download specific assets at once. Assets will download in the original resolution and format from this menu.

Exporting Assets

When viewing an asset, you'll find a Download button at the top right of your window. You have the option to download at the original resolution and file format, or export the asset with a different size or format.

Downloading from a Share Link

To download from a share link, the toggle to Allow Downloads must be turned on in the share link settings. When selected, assets and boards can be downloaded in the same ways as in the workspace. If you're viewing a Share Link that does not display a download option, contact the workspace administrator to enable download permissions.

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